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Preston Draper discussed Oklahoma divorce law on KXII

Posted by Preston Draper on 01/29/2014

Read the article, including portions of Preston's interview, on KXII's website.

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PONTOTOC CO. OK -- Oklahoma has one of the highest divorce rates in the country and a local attorney says Pontotoc County is no exception.

One state representative is now proposing a bill to help lower that number by making getting divorced more difficult.

Ada attorney Preston Draper says, "It is a major part of our practice and probably a major part of a lot of small town attorney's practices."

Draper says divorce is an issue he and his partners deal with on a weekly basis but State Representative Arthur Hulbert is hoping to change that.

He has proposed a bill that will require a 6 month waiting period before couples can get a divorce...time that some say is needed for such a big decision.

One resident said, "I think it could give a person time to reconsider everything and work through their issues before they just jump right ahead and get it"

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Oklahoma ranks in the top 3 states with the highest divorce rates.

Draper says currently most couples must wait 90 days before finalizing their divorce but doubling the wait time may not equal fewer divorces.

Draper added, "When you have those stressors that bring parties to be incompatible with each other where they're unable to live with each other and make reasonable decisions together the divorce is gonna happen and I don't think that 6 month waiting period would make much difference."

There are some exceptions to the proposed bill like adultery or abuse cases.

Other residents say some time to cool off isn't a bad idea.

Another resident says, "Even if you are going to go through with the divorce at the end of the 6 months just knowing that you had that time period would help keep people civil and relaxed."




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